Project Partners

team training

Mr. Ulrich Renner
Tübingen / Germany



ttg team training GmbH is an informal provider of adult education and vocational education and training (VET). We are located in the south of Germany in Tübingen and we also have branch offices in different cities around.

ttg offers vocational education and training, ICT, job services, intercultural courses, and general continuing education as well as consulting and coaching. Moreover, we also run trainerprogrammes, team development programmes and programmes for pupils. In our ICT-Center and Business Center we have about 150 ICT workplaces for learners, who want to improve their ICT competences.

Target groups and partnerships: Participants include men and women, job seekers, immigrants, young and older people. Trainers, consultants and employees of other adult education providers participate in activities and projects. We have been carrying out cooperative projects on a local, national and transnational level: ttg has built a wide regional network by initiating and coordinating projects concerning, for example, marketing strategies and quality management (supported by the ESF).

ttg has memberships in local and regional initiatives and working committees with high dissemination potential and valorisation can be based on work with partners and their networks in 14 EU countries.

By joining in and guiding projects at a European level, ttg team training has developed a European wide profile and improved its intercultural competence. It has taken the challenge of posing questions like “What is Europe for us?” and “What does a European perspective include for our work, our organisation and the people working for us?” ttg has been part of and has been coordinating several Grundtvig LLL projects during the last years dealing with topics such as marketing competences, strategic perspectives, business startups and culture traditions and intends to further broaden its transnational activities.

Role in the project

overall responsibility for the project; organise and monitor the processes of the project; monitor agreements between coordinator and partners; contact lecturers and partners; organise the exchange of experiences; perform PR; coordinate and produce homepage and documentation; ensure quality throughout the course of the project; develop strategies; provide staff and administrative capacities; work out questionnaires, carry out workshops and project meetings and participate in them; organise and administer the project;

Pupil Parent Partnership Ltd.

Mr. Martyn Weeds
London / England



Our Mission:
We help people overcome barriers, make the most of education and get their lives working.

Our Objectives:
To develop and provide:

  • A range of multi-disciplinary support and education services within a broad therapeutic framework for young people, families and adult learners;
  • Training and consultancy services for professionals;
  • Community initiatives as a context for the services and training mentioned above, so adding value and effectiveness, as well as establishing a creative platform for future developments;
  • Financial and Business solutions to support the range of interventions engaged in.

Role in the project

Our motivation for involvement in this project is to build on our experience and expertise in developing formal and non-formal education to professionals, volunteers and community members, in order to explore innovative means of creating learning environments and ‘spaces of experience’.  Our community work, particularly in working with minority communities and those excluded from mainstream opportunities, puts us in a good position to consider this vulnerable and marginalised group within the context of lifelong learning.

Initial e.V.

Mrs. Nevenka Miljkovic
Karlsruhe / Germany



Initial e.V. is a non profit organisation and offers adult and vocational education: language courses, education and training of persons with health problems, reintegration trainings for long term unemployed persons, for parents (mostly woman) who want to rejoin the labor market.

Initial e.V. has an expertise in working with persons with problems of addiction and persons who have undiagnosed psychological problems.

Role in the project

integrate members of staff from the field of intercultural training, contact institutions, method testing, develop guidelines professionalism and empathy for foreign cultures, standards and ways of behaviour, examine if methods from intercultural training and personnel development are suitable for the project.

Institut pour le Développement et la Formation

Béatrice Martins
Bastia / Corse



The institut pour le développement et la formation is a vocational and educational training center located in Corsica. We've got 8 offices on the island. We do assessments, coaching, training on demand. We deal with differents types of publics, people at risk of exclusion or who are failing, migrants, people with low educational level.

Role in the project

We work in different areas and this project could allow to modify our approach creating new ways of learning.

eu warehouse

Mrs. Kerstin Weertz
Kerckxstraat 7
1050 Brussels
Tel: 0032-2-644-2803



The main tasks of EU WAREHOUSE are informing, counseling and training with regards to: European policies and linking them to national policies; European best practice; European project and issues management; EU-project evaluations;  development of European networks; training of project managers; know-how management for public institutions and development of high-level European know-how. The organization also counsels partners with little or no experience in European projects, as well as larger entities looking to work strategically on EU-level. The organization develops creative future-orientated concepts of adult education on the basis of strategic concepts based on profound knowledge of EU-policies and enables the exchange of information and best practice.  It is also experienced in regional education and EU projects. EU WAREHOUSE will undertake Adult Education counseling and training with regards to EU policies, EU projects and strategy management and EU financial instruments, development of EU networks, training of management personnel, social and youth workers, know-how management, Transfer and distribution of best practice and dissemination of results.

Role in the project

  • contribute creative methods, contribute creative methods which have been promoted on European level; bring in contents from social knowledge-mangement; set up and develop working materials; ensuring EU-added value and transnational approach;
  • contribute aspects of "space" in painting and further education as well as "cross-age learning";
  • organize the final workshop-event in Eupen (Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft in Belgien) in order to present and disseminate best practice and the project results and bring together new partners and organizations and to share new innovative contents in AD and transferable pedagogical concepts.

Activité Conseil - Boutique de Gestion

Mr. Julien Vallette


Since 1996 Activité Conseil provides vocational training and courses, coaching and advice, to learners throughout French Guiana. 23 staff members are currently involved in the association, more than 1500 learners are concerned each year by its activities. Those are divided into three domains: integration (~1800 beneficiaries), entrepreneurship (~500 beneficiaries) and vocational training (~200 beneficiaries). The three domains are linked, with frequent bridges between them. All focus on the same target group composed of unemployed people with low levels of vocational education and low chances, including those from the remote traditional villages, notably on Maroni river, deep in the forest, without any access by road and far from the populated coast. Last but not least, the association gave birth by the end of 2007 to another structure called “Nou La Ke To” (meaning “We stand with you” in Creole), which really is a small business incubator dedicated to giving our target group an opportunity bring up their business ideas and test them with the backup of a legal housing.

This small business incubator, which is not marketed at all toward businessmen, but which militantly focuses on people with low achievements and chances, has allowed 30 people so far to connect theory and practice in the field of business, 10 of which have then reached the next step and formally launched a business. In any case it offered to all a space to express themselves, to demonstrate their capabilities and gain consideration when no one else was giving them a chance.

Role in the project

In this context, we recognize ourselves in GRUNDTVIG partnership “Creating Spaces of Experience". We could bring an unusual outlook, from an ultra-peripheral region, using another angle and with a slightly different cultural background, but also testimonials, from real people having advanced thanks to an opportunity given to them through our own space of experience that Nou La Ke To is.

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