Activity Plan

Meeting 1

Karlsruhe (Germany)
21st of October 2010 – 23rd of October 2009
Kick-off meeting

Meeting of project managers and one learner per institution of all partners in IT. One focus will be team-building activities. Discussion of  definitions for "Spaces of Experience" and development of a common understanding.

Meeting 2

London (England)
6th of April 2011 – 09th of April 2011
Topic 1

Acceptance of educational tasks for disadvantaged persons by different organisations

Topic 2

People with low educational achievement who are threatened by poverty and social exclusion
Dealing with learning blocks and the use of music to bridge gap between Emotional Learning Blocks and Brain and Learning based approaches to Teaching

Meeting 3

Bastia (Corsica)
13th of October 2011 – 15th of October 2011

tbc:  Educational postulates and effects of spaces of experience on learning behaviour

Meeting 4

Tübingen (Germany)
12th of April 2012 – 14th of April 2012

tbc: Space in painting and further education and Cross-age learning

Meeting 5

Brussels (Belgium)
20th of June – 24th of June 2012

Professionalising staff in vocational training

EUPEN-event: Exchange of best practice, presenting and dissimination of the project results in order to promote innovative AE content and new pedagogical concepts in Eupen

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